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Having swum competitively in her youth and a regular pool swimmer, Kath has always been at home in water, but it wasn't until participating in swim events in the Thames, that she felt truly at home in open water, both calmed and energised by it. 


"Swimming in open water, whether a dip or a longer swim, can be a complete re-set to your body and mind - and with a supportive coach or buddy, a swim on the coldest wintriest days, mind screaming 'why' and body screaming 'noooo', but getting in nonetheless – is the best tonic for body and soul."

A love of the river has led Kath to becoming an open water coach with the wish of sharing her swim experience and knowledge with others. Her qualification is with the Swimming Teachers Association and the Open Water Coaching Level 2 course run by the inspiring  Keri-anne Payne.

Do get in touch via email below and hope to see you in the river.